What is Leather and Which Manmade

Leather interior;

Would someone please remind me what parts of the 73 XJ6 interior is leather and which is man Made.

For purposes of Leatherking the leather.


The “seating surfaces,” Lou. The parts of the seat (and headrest) that your body might touch. The rest is vinyl, including seat skirts, door panels, console. You should be able to discern a difference in the colour of the leather versus that of the vinyl unless both are pretty new or redyed.

Doesn’t hurt to get Leatherique on the vinyl, though…just doesn’t do much.


not much to add on what Robert said.

In the 1960s to 1980s Jaguar was quite unparalleled in creating interior atmospheres with matching colours, at a time when most competitors offered only black, flat black and … of course … dull black.

The flip side of this approach was that after one and a half decades various types of vinyl, plastic and leather developed quite differently under the influence of UV light, heat or humidity, resulting in an abundance of biscuit tones in one car’s interior.

Generally speaking, vinyl colour is very robust, but will get discoloured by dirt. Cleaning does miracles. Plastic will discolour. Only straightforward colour will help. Leather will get dirty and fade. Both can be cured with thorough cleaning and colouring.



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)