What is old is new again - Dove Gray

For several weeks, I have been noticing more and more new cars of virtually every make were painted in very similar non-metallic gray, very similar to the 1950’s Jaguar Dove Gray. Yesterday was capped with the sighting of a brand-spanking new Porsche 911 in the same color. Anyone else noticed this?


Yes, audis and VW group more in general.

I’ve noticed that too: I think it’s actually kind of a handsome color on some cars.

Dodge charger, and a Lexus.

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Hi Mike…if possible and your swatch has it could you please post a photo of Lavender gray alongside the Dove gray…my fhc 150 is Lavender Gray a special from the factory as far as im aware as i dont think lavender gray was a 150 option…its a strange colour as i cant see any gray or lavender shade…many thanks…Steve


I think Jaguars 50’s grays are extraordinary attractive, especially when there are some good curves in the mix.

100% agree. We owned a 1958 Mark 1 for around 33 years in Mist Grey which set off the era and curves of the car perfectly, especially against the front end chrome. Had a real understated elegance.

Stunningly beautiful.

Steve H…it is great in that color…!!

Here you go.

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I agree, the '50’s cars look great in those shades, but for some reason they don’t work for me with the Mk2 or S Type. Ditto the weird colours they used on the S1 and 2 XJs, such as Turquoise or Heather (pink) seem to work for that era, but not on others. Just what you get used to, I guess. Today, everyting is somewhere between black, gunmeatal and silver, or white, back in the '50’s, I recall most cars being some shade of grey, Vauxhalls, Vanguards, Austins Fords, all grey.

who published this booklet of colour chips?

Why can’t we have those lovely colours to ourselves? New cars can stick with black and white!!!

I’ve always liked Lavender Grey, though to me it looks more like a beige… Once had a Mk VII in that colour.

I forget who (someone who was a JL-XK regular) had the coupons sprayed, but I’m pretty sure the formulas came from Urs Schmied.

Ha Ha…Beige…thats better than Brown thats on the V5 registration document…might have to get that changed…the reason i asked Mike to post the swatch next to Dove gray is becaus i know my car has been repainted…but its quite a good match to other original bits on the car…but i just dont understand why its called Lavender Gray…i was told there should be a slight Lavender hue if you catch it in the correct light…but not on my car

Anyone have a list of the colours ( especially combinations for duo tone) for Mk 8 and 9? Guy in our JEC years ago had a Mk8 manual in duo tone grey, very cool car.

I did, when researching my BRG…


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My 3.59 (so Mark IX) factory Colour Guide booklet lists…BLACK; CORNISH GREY, MIST GREY; PEARL GREY; CREAM; INDIGO BLUE; COTSWOLD BLUE; BRITISH RACING GREEN; SHERWOOD GREEN; CARMINE RED (albeit not available for Mark IX); IMPERIAL MAROON & CLARET. It also list Mark IX being available in five Two-Tone Combinations…BLACK/CORNISH GREY; BLACK/SHERWOOD GREEN; CORNISH GREY/ MIST GREY; INDIGO BLUE/ COTSWOLD BLUE & CLARET/IMPERIAL MAROON… (Actually I thing that might correctly be BRITISH RACING GREEN/SHERWOOD GREEN not BLack/SG - going off my notes, without actually checking physical booklet - can check if you like to be 100% sure)
See attached pic of Indigo Blue/ Cotswold Blue - of you are into blues…

Jaguar Indigo over cotswold blue Mk 9

There are no differences in my 1.57, 1.58, and 10.59 factory Colour Guide booklets, except they add the earlier RED (for XKs only), although the 57 and 58 booklets don’t specifically include the two-tone combinations as does the 3.59 and 10.59 booklets…, and I dare say I have seen several restored/repainted Mark VIII and IX in other colours and other two-tone combinations, that I dare say are owners preference, and not factory original…

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Magnificent, so elegant and imposing. Thanks for the info, the 2 blues and 2 greys would be my preference. Wonder if you had a choice of which was the primary colour, ie dark blue bottom or top?