What is old is new again - Dove Gray

My take is that it is somewhat like the colour of the lavender plant - not the flower. Most the colours back then were some sort of “grey”. Lavender Grey to my eye is “greeny- beigey- greyey” and I too really like the colour. When restoring my MK7, I had my paint shop try all the paint codes I could find but none were correct or he had no listing. I finally agreed for him to scan a part for an approximation. To both our surprise, the name came up - “Jaguar, Lavender Grey - 1951”.

My understanding all these factory Two Tones were DARKER Colour over LIGHTER Colour, and not available other way round. A good friend shared your preference for William Lyons acknowledged eye for styling/colours, and when he had his 1958 BENTLEY Continental restored, not happy with any of the Bentley offerings chose the Jaguar Mark IX INDIGO BLUE over COTSWOLD BLUE, but the wrong way round, which personally, I dont think works anywhere near as well as the Lyons way…

Just posted on facebook…someonejust repainted their Lynx C type in Lavender gray…an uncommon choice…the only one iv seen…well timed as i was thinking about it for my C built to match my 150…i think it works well