What is SE spec on Mk IV saloon

Can anyone advise what the SE specification relates to on a 1.5 Mk
iv saloon

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It added: heater, bumpers with larger diameter curled ends and P80 headlamps.


Also fog lamps I believe. Photo from the Handbook, but apologies this is poor quality.

…and height adjustable front seats.
mk4_mini_46_16_l.jpg (558×401) (jag-lovers.org)

Thank you so much Peter, I have spent ages online trying to research this.

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Hi Barry,

Do you have a Standard model or SE or just researching?


I have seen one advertised in Australia described as 1949 Mk IV SE so I wanted to know what to look for when I view it.


Good luck with your quest.

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Have you got a chassis number Barry. I can then tell you a bit about it.

What is meant by “specially finished luggage locker”?

Found some photos of my SE seats, and this is the adjustable runners and height adjustment (standard car had fixed seats I believe):

Seat slider release lever:

Seat riser crank handle:

I think the “specially finished luggage locker” refers to the 2 side pod cubby holdalls that I have on my SE within the boot (trunk) - located at either side and recessing into the upper wheel arch. Mine was filled with old lamp bulbs, spare filters, spark plugs, and news papers when I first got the car pre-restoration, and these recesses are good places to put things to stop them rolling around in the back.


The adjustable seat mechanism looks to be the same (Wydney Corbex patented seat IIRC) mechanism that was standard on all MKV’s.


The standard model seats are fixed in height but do slide fore and aft on runners.
I’ve never seen the lidded cubby holes before. Not even the higher spec’ed 6 cylinder MkIVs have those.


Could it mean those chrome/rubber luggage runners? Standard on Mark V, perhaps it was considered an upgrade on the 1-1/2 cars?
Not offered in pre-war cars that I know of, they had ribbed rubber matting.

I also recognized those cranking seats, also standard on Mark V.

My post war SE has these luggage runners, but I thought these where on all MK IV’s after that time (with the ribbed matting pre war)?

My “cubby holes” don’t have lids on them, but have a box-wood inner section that was covered in the same old and original matching material as inside the tool box lid. As my wood work in the boot (trunk) had woodworm I’ve replaced it all “as it was” during the restoration. The cubby holes I assumed was the upgrade factory fit for the smaller 1.5 SE mentioned in the Price List. As materials and paint finish of these handy storage spaces matches the rest of the car, then if not an SE enhancement could they have been a factory optional extra?

I don’t unfortunately have the handy additional chrome boot flood lights shown in Peter’s picture!!!

Ah yes, the flood lights. They were standard equipment on the bigger cars but most owners didn’t carry them in the boot.

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