What is the best spark plug for a V12 E type with manual trans

I am helping a friend with a V12 E type convertible. The plugs are black and sooty. The car is hard to start, and the idle is very rough. The current plugs are NGK BPR6ES. Would a hotter plug help?
Does anyone run a BPR 5 EIX with good results?

Welcome Jack.

I guess it’s a carb engine?
IMOHO you must find why it’s running rich causing the sooty plugs.

If the car is hard to start when cold, it is too lean, not rich. If it was too rich, it would start up cold without the choke easily.

How does the car drive when warmed up?

You could have oil fouling the plugs. Oil seeping through the valve stems. Any blue smoke?

Could also be ignition issues. Its a real pain to figure this stuff out on these carby engines. Are you still using the original OPUS stuff? I highly recommend switching to the pertronix kit. I don’t recommend the SNG barratt kit. Its just overpriced XJS bits.

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