What is the height of your front end?

I am thinking about lowering the front end , by around a inch , just wondered what height other cars are ?

At the moment mine is 28 1/2 inchs ground to wheel arch !

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Sounds like a plan - just measured ours - a nadgence under 27" ground to apex of wheel arch - Vredesteins@ 27 PSI. NB Our car is the one on the left…

that is one Sharp looking motorcar!

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Cheers, I think this is the best picture of it…

drop dead beautiful…

My 3.8S is 27.5 with 185R 15 radials at 35 PSI.

My car is similar to yours - 28 1/4" to the wheel arch. My PO put new Kings springs in the front, I expect it is a little high. Car is on 185/80 15s - closest you can get to the original specification: 185R 15. Paul

I did take a few pictures at Stoneleigh day a few years back , and one of my car , with new springs , never on the road , tyres 185 !
quite a diffrence , mine was far too high .


For various reasons, including having all the necessary suspension and tracking equipment available to me. I can say in kerb weight condition a mid 60’s 3.4 S type will be around a maximum of 28 inch standing height, that is floor to top of front wheel arch.

The bit that really matters is that the lower suspension arm is angled about 8/10 degrees below horizontal in the static condition. This will allow the working suspension travel to not have too much effect on camber.

Beware of the situation with the S Type, make sure you are checking the position in a true working weight, all fuel and payload on board as the car tends to droop at the rear with heavy luggage on board.

Thank you NWG , I took the measurement after coming back from a run , my Garage floor is flat , close to a full tank of fuel , hamper full of tools , jack and so on 2 fold down chairs and the like , I have waited to see if the new springs would settle lower , they have around 3000 miles on them now !

1967 MkII/340 I just checked my height 26 inchs 185-70 15inch tires
Richard O

My Mk2/340 has I believe the original front springs. I am using Vredesein Sprint Classic 185HR15 set to 35 psi.
The height of the left wheel arch is 27 3/4" and on the right 28"

I have a 67 Mark 2 3.4 also fitted with Vredestein 185 x 15 tires, and my left side is also 1/4 inch lower than the right. I attended a restoration shop ‘open house’ event several years ago and asked one of the technicians why the left side is 1/4 inch lower than the right side. To my surprise, he said that’s the way they should be…

I am interested to see that I am not the only one with a small height difference left to right on my LHD car, left side down.

Looking at the parts book J34 page 257, there is a table that shows some 3.4, 3.8, with RHD had a 1/8" thicker spring packing on the right side which would raise it by about 1/4".

Perhaps this was done so that on a level road with only a driver in the RHD car, both sides would be at the same height. Who knows?

LHD cars do not appear to have this side to side differential treatment, assuming I am interpreting the table correctly.

When I rebuilt my front suspension I did not see any difference in the spacers side to side so the slight puzzle remains for me.

Quite a mystery indeed… maybe someone has the answer to this conundrum

Well it is certainly good for a water cooler discussion!

I am sure the packers are to make sure the springs fitted are of the same height !20190531_062924

This is on e-bay , uk , just don’t look right to me !!

Cat on a hot tin roof :slight_smile:

Spent over 6 months trying to get the ride height just right…had rear springs reworked, new front springs without spacers…still front was slightly uneven. Ended up cutting a small amount of spring on the drivers side (US) until it was just right. Took multiple attempts until I was happy with the height (2 fingers between the top of the tire and body). JS