What is this black box?

It has a litle red light on it and I think an antenna.

Looks like a Security module but very aftermarket.

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Can I remove it without wrecking something? There are 4 wires and an antenna. Might be both a tracker and immobilizer.

If it is just a tracker (seems strange given it has a “hello, I’m here” LED on it), you should be able to remove it.
If it is an immobiliser you need to find which are the circuit cut wires to re-join.

Assuming you are in the USA, it could be a remote start unit.

It’s out. Removal was no problem. Two of the 4 wires had already been cut. Only the power and ground were active. After removal the car runs fine, as before. No change in functions. We still don’t know what the thing is. I opened it up to find a circuit board with a flux capacitor soldered to it. lol (My other car is a DeLorean.)