What is this piece of trim? Is it factory? I can’t seem to find it anywhere

Hi all

So I have this interior trim piece by the door frame. It’s clearly warn and was thinking of replacing but can’t seem to find it. Is it not an OEM piece?? (Just to clarify I’m talking of the vertical piece along the B pillar, not the rubber seal)

Thanks for any direction.

It’s an aluminum piece, covered in ambla, I think.

It looks like what we in the US would call ordinary pinchweld molding (as opposed to furflex draught excluder, which has a different finish). If so it is indeed metal covered by plastic. Looks pretty close to what was on GM cars in the 60s.

Paul, please click on the photo and zoom in. You’ll see this is spiral metal, so worn that you can see the underlying construction. Not the aluminum piece I believe you’re thinking of.

Bob. If you check out the originality thread in the etypeuk forum there is a supposedly original unmolested car with the same type of pinchweld covering. I think it is in the 3.8 section. It was commented on in passing but not much was made of it. Perhaps some of the experienced restoration guys will chime in and clarify if they have seen it before.
Edit. It is in the 4.2 section.

If you’re referring to the woven bumper strip, that I believe is not available. I’ve heard mixed reports on whether or not they were even original e-type parts. I wanted to add them to my car because they seemed like a nice touch but no one seems to have them. I believe I have seen that material on other British cars though so maybe a different vendor would. I’d send your photo to Moss, SNG, BAS, and OSJI and see if anyone recognizes it.

If you are talking about the long black piece that covers the seam and goes all the way down to the sill it should be available from the usuals. I bought some years ago to replace a worn original piece. The new piece had a rubber-like covering.


Ah… often called, “windlacing.” Bill Hirsch carried it… but that’s been a loooong time ago.

Stuff changes.

Aha, automotive vintage windlacing got a bunch of hits on google

Many to choose from


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You can usually pick up windlacing at just about any auto upholstery store.

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So is that piece original to the car? Or is the flat, vinyl coated aluminum just there without this windlace?

This is original to the car, there is also a strip on the A pillar on my 2+2.

Gracias, Senorita Moss!!! I needed red windlacing for Margaret… so the order is in!

EDIT: you can see Margaret’s interior needs MUCH help!

Thank god, about 7 years ago, when I got the car, I found about 10 yards of honest-to-gawd, red Wilton wool carpeting for cheeeep (less than $100!), so this year, I’ll get my upholsterer to do the carpets and at that time, I’ll use the red windlacing to repair the fossilized OE stuff.

That is original for FHCs, not roadsters. It has a metal articulated core with a woven covering matching the interior color. You can find a modern vinyl substitute in black. Most “100 point” restorations will be missing this piece. Even Jaguar Classic in the UK does not have the original type. I’ve given up trying to find it in suede green.

Not exactly green, but…

I call that stuff WIndlace. The wire you see is the spring tension that retains it on the edge of the bodywork. Someone added this I think but MacGregors has it if you want to replace them.

That’s close, need the u-shape portion without the rubber seal for the Jag.

Here is another source I just came across.

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That won’t work. The piece on the FHCs is strictly the U-shaped articulated metal spring clips with a woven covering. No rubber seal, no cloth ‘tail’.

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Thank you Erica! Looks like what I need. Looks to be the proper clip-on style. I’ve ordered some and when it arrives I’ll give a review and photos. I ordered extra so if someone needs beige…