What is your Ultimate Modern E-Type? (UPDATED)

These days the Jaguar E-Type is a highly priced commodify and is usually restored to full originality and to concours standard. Inevitably, some people have decided to take it a step further. We take a closer look at what’s available out there, and ask:

If money was no object, and you could pick and choose, which modern take on the classic E-Type would you choose?

UPDATE: Now with information and pictures of Chip Foose’s E-Type project.

More here: https://www.jag-lovers.com/what-is-your-ultimate-modern-e-type/

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Eagle Speedster for me but with a removable hardtop and some kind of wind deflector for when the top is off. I can’t stand hot sun or massive wind buffeting.

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I think the BMW Z8 looked more like a modern rendition of the E type than it did of the BMW 507. I wish I could afford one. and I would fit it with Alpina wheels because they mimic a spoke wheel to my eye. Thats what I would buy.

Ditto: I think the Eagle E is the best of them.