What Make of Car Has Your XJS Been Mistaken For By Non-Jagers?

Was reading a lengthy post earlier in The Pub about strange things that people have said or done upon seeing your Jag. This got me to thinking (and I posted) about the time I went through a McD’s drive thru and the window worker, upon seeing Superblue, complimented me on, “(my) Ferrari”. :roll_eyes: This got me to thinking and wondering what make of car other XJS owners have had their car mistaken for by others in the past. Might make a good and interesting thread. :smiley_cat:

Out of a few decades of owning oddball european cars this is the only one that people just flat have no idea what it is. Least if they are under 50 or so. Most have never seen one in person at all. So I just get “what is that?” after they stare at it for a bit.

I was filling the tank one time when two highschool guys drove up to the store in their pickup truck. As they got out, one of them point my XJS out to the other one, they both walked over looking dumbfounded, looked at the car and said “Hey Mister, we ain’t never seen no car like that before! What is it?”

I told them (they still had blank expressions), then asked if they’d even seen a V12 before. They hadn’t even hear of a V12, so I opened the hood so they could see it.

Total amazement and confiunded look on their faces.

They walked away repeating “I ain’t never seen no car like that before in my life.”

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What’s funny is my 82 Rabbit pickup gets more attention than the Jag anymore. I think it’s because people understand a pickup, even a small weird one, and just don’t know what to think of the Jag.

When I show up at Cars and Coffee, there are a lot of the younger generation that pay a lot of attention to the Jag…you don’t see them around here in podunk

My one brother-in-law said “Oh wow you got an MG!” When i showed up at his house with my XJS for the first time, and Ive had a couple people say “I didn’t realize they made a hard top Miata” when they saw my XK8. Smh. I have gotten a lot of other appreciative looks, thumbs up and comments on both jags at different times so that makes up for it lol.

Driving to a Ferrari Club meetup years ago at Roebling Road, driving by a group of probable corner workers… and hearing them speculate to each other what type of Ferrari was that…

~Paul K.

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Disgustingly a young woman asked what year Mustang it was!