What’s my wood (veneer)

Need help, looking at the two attached photos you can se that the veneer on my wood has disappeared and I need to re-veneer it but I do not know what wood/veneer it is can anyone advise me.

Also I seem to have a spare dash top if anyone needs one I shall be selling this at a fair price, I don’t need two.


Looks like Walnut burl…used a lot by Jaguar. Light coloured Inlays were boxwood in the applications I am familiar with. IMHO.

Unfortunately I do not think it is Burl Walnut, I have plenty of that and it looks nothing like this.


interesting you dont thinks its walnut burl…i know you have good knowledge.

I have never heard of anything else other than “straight grain”

On my cars, I considered it to be walnut burl

I have conducted repairs using the old veneer peeled off and patched in…with mixed results

I have also purchased and replaced some walnut burr with new…every batch is very different, in pattern, grain and also color

I believe the 420G used a very light shade of veneer, and its very difficult to get anything light enough to match.

The short piece you show, I would repair with my method if you have enough old matching veneer.

Think I might have already pictured some of my practice pieces in the past…they were firewood, some now better than what is in there

Mine is not straight grain , but Burl Walnut !

My blue 420G

(I have saved the original radio console, but got this plain one, which I cut to fit the stereo back in 1989)

Our car has the ‘tiger stripe’ veneer as I believe it was called; possibly one of the Henlys special edition features such as the central cubby and wind up radio antenna.

Beautiful! And no doubt the source of your moniker. I had thought you were an A. A. Milne fan. :slight_smile:


ok looks like I now have more questions than answers and why you may ask WELL.
Since I have owned this car (1985) have been restoring it and moved countries and now moved states (I’m in the USA now) and because of the car being in various states of assembly I’ve lost and damaged some pieces one lost or damaged piece was the dash top and the wooden dial cluster, with this in mind I purchased a replacement dash top and dial cluster then spent month repairing them and then covering them in a beautiful Burl Walnut.
Yesterday I went searching for my door caps and finally found them along with the surrounds that go around the doors (see original post) and my original dash top, oh shit I thought but never mind I’ll sell it, then I put out this post regarding the door surrounds and what veneer it is, one of the replies (and I am grateful for ALL replies) said they had Tiger veneer but this was only from Henly’s guess where my car was originally sold from, YUP HENLY’s (see attached picture of some of my wood).
Dilemma do I not worry about the dash and dash top that I have just covered in Burl Walnut and the door caps being in Tiger walnut or do I strip and recover one or the other ?
The car is not original i.e.:- interior/exterior color but it is numbers matching and I have no intention of selling it until I die so value not a big concern.
Ladies and Gentlemen your thoughts please.

Don’t know about Mark 2’s but on the early XJ6 the door caps were “straight grained” and not burl–that looks like what you have. By the time I acquired either of my examples, the door caps were somewhat lighter than the dash–not sure it that’s due to fading from sunlight or deliberate. They looked just like yours. You can strip, stain and re-varnish to match the dash. Note that they are not veneered, but solid wood–I don’t think walnut but could be mistaken.

On the XJ6 I believe you are correct that they are solid, but on the MKII they are definitely veneered.
Must admit I am considering staining them, I need to put a lot of thought into this.

they look like the vertical (veneered) door caps, not the (solid) horizontal ones

imo, if you mount them "as is " it will look good, despite a difference in shade and pattern

Essentially, only you will notice

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Ask Saul at British Auto wood what his thoughts are on your wood pieces:



Gary, in case u didnt notice, check post here starting post 167

nice , thats the color I shall be doing my interior but first I have to get the outside finished then replace all the wiring harnesses, the old ones catch fire too easily.

Wow, that’s unusual for genuine Lucas harnesses. Have you confirmed that you have adequate smoke pressure?