What Saloon Part is this?

Here are a few Saloon Parts that have got me slightly stumped, they are almost certainly of MK7-9

Anyone know whether its out of a MK7, 8 or 9 ?

I have a bunch of vanes, shells and other grille parts, would like to match them up

This ones got me stumped, almost certainly out of a MK7, shows evidence of preserving oil, so I must have thought it was a rare part

It isnt a door, bonnet, boot or fuel filler part…wait… think I may have an idea what it is, the inside hinge of an air vent on the wing of an early MK7?..will investigate

The inside hinge parts on the fuel fillers of these cars are like hens teeth,
they rot out very easy, as water collects there with the slightest neglect

Hi Tony, those are mounting strips for the grill slats, most certainly for Mk 8-9.They have the tabs for mounting to the top slam tray & bottom valance, which on the Mk7 are attached to the grill surround frame. The Mk 8-9 seem to
have a dummy grill frame which is just chrome trimming mounted directly to the body & bonnet around the grill opening, which makes the grill appear to be wider, just an illusion I think. Pics below of a Mk7 grill for comparison.


Thanks Randall,

A MK8 passed through my hands, and I did get some spares with it.

I also have the shell I believe, and a bunch of slats of unknown origin

The slats are of varying length and condition

The hinged item still eludes me

@DJC (and anyone else), I think it is from an early MK7, but it is not the fuel flap, front air vent, side vents in early guards, door, boot or bonnet hinge

Its possible this part came from a '66 MKX

The phone is about 5" long

Hi Tony, Can’t say I recognise that hinge, can’t think of anything else that hinges. Will keep looking.

Sorry Tony,

I can’t recognise as MK7/8 either. First guess was fuel filler lid but doesn’t ring any bells - later car maybe? Can you post side view and if its a hinge, maybe open.


This is an NOS Indicator lens and chrome support that fits on the assembly of MKX, 420, 420G, S-Type and perhaps some other models

My question relates to what application this is used in ?

All the others are Amber, which is the legal requirement in Australia

The lens is also secured to the chrome base with a screw, which is unlike the amber items

It came out of an ex-Jag dealer sale, via a previous MKX owner, their was a box with a weird mix of NOS and used tail lamp assemblies, plinths and a few other items, such as these 2 below

I am not sure the mirror in particular is a Jag item, the SS plate may be non-stock.
I have a notion I have seen this part before though

No one knows what the hinge in the previous pic is, I cant work it out either, I am almost certain its a part I took out of a Jag

If the mirror is not Jag, any ideas as to what it is off would be good

Amber lenses were illegal in the US. Only red lenses were fitted to all Jaguar cars in the USA on all 1960s cars

Thanks I check “keeping track of every Saloon” site, and about half the LHD show the red lens, the other half has the amber lens.

I dont know whether they changed at some time to reflect modern standards, either by Jag production, or over the last 50yrs by the owner (I presume amber is normal for Indicator lamps in USA now ?

Many 'restorers ’ and owners of these 60s Jags in the US have replaced red lenses either due to lack of red lenses availability or simply because amber lenses look better.

Mk MK2 and MK IX both came from Canada, so they have amber lenses and fog lights, neither of which were allowed in the USA.

Our US Spec 3.8 MK2 delivered in Europe in 1963 had fog lights and shoulder belts. The belts lived on in Jerry Mouton’s E-Type.