What Should Jaguar Owners Be Reading

As you likely know, I have been a Jaguar owner for almost fifty years.
Unrelated to that, I have been regular user and financial supporter of our our public libraries for even longer. For the record, public library in the USA are provide at no costs to patrons except for lost or damaged items borrowed. And I assume, but do not know, that is case in most developed countries.

One of the items that I borrow from the local library on a regular basis is the magazine “Road and Track”

I read on a regular basis is the magazine Road and Track. Our library however, has never provided Jaguar magazines nor would I expect them to do so. However, they have provided Road and Track magazine, and other automobile magazines as long as I can recall.

Lou, you already have a thread on this topic:

I swear by “Sports Car Market.” It is the only paper magazine I still subscribe to, and I read every page. The “Legal Files” cloumn is especially compelling.