What systems are using mineral oil reservoir 1991 xj6

(Gurnz) #1

I have a 1991 Daimler Xj6. It had the rear SLS swapped for correct traditional springs by a previous owner. I know that system was using the mineral oil before the conversion. Is this also my power steering fluid? Brakes? I hope this made sense Thanks in advance for any input.

(Bryan N) #2

Lots in the archives on this subject - e.g. [xj40] Green blood

In short, on your '91 with the Teves brake boost system, once the SLS and its troublesome hydraulics is removed, you only need the original HSMO oil reservoir for the power steering - and you may as well leave the mineral oil (‘green blood’ ) in rather than flush it out to replace with PS fluid because it rarely(!) leaks.

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(David Martin) #3

Wait a minute, I had my suspension redone before I got the car and I thought the oil was needed for the brakes as well? 89 xj40

(Bryan N) #4


That is correct for you ‘89 but the later cars had the Teves system which provides the brake boost/ABS function - and if you read the original post it refers to a ‘91 model which is Teves equipped

(Gurnz) #5

Yours may. I think the xj40s made starting in 1990 don’t use the mineral oil in the braking system.