What to do while engine and trans are out? USA, XJ6C

Hi All,

I have an XJ6C. Engine and transmission removed.

What should I take care of while they are out?

I’m planning to paint the engine bay,
replace the rubber parts, make it pretty.
Then I’ll clean and paint the engine.
Will also try to replace the AC expansion valve.
And really want to do a 5 speed conversion.

Suggestions welcome.


Your list looks pretty complete. I would inspect the power steering lines, brake lines, IFS bushes. Check under the brake booster for rust. Is the rad out? If so, make sure the support under the rad is repainted and in great condition. Have the rad and condenser cleaned and fins straitened.

Good luck!
Jeff H

Any known issues which can only be remedied with the engine/box out, Chris - besides what you mention?

If not; be aware of the shipwrights disease…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Hey Chris,
be prepared for lots of work, I was in exactly the same dilemma as you… see here

Its sort of never ending…

I think I have a case of this.

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Good call on looking at the other lines as well. The rad is freshly rebuilt ($$$). The front suspension crossmember is looking great. No rust, but also no paint. Seems oil is a good preservative.

That’s the plus of having a road oiler V12 … keeps a protective coat on everything.

Do you have tools to strip and paint the engine bay? I highly recommend a high quality epoxy over bare metal as our cars love to leak brake fluid and various fluids onto new paint. I use this almost exclusively https://www.southernpolyurethanes.com and highly recommend their forum for advice and tech help. I’ve been a trained autobody/paint guy since 1975. It’s a mountain of work and time to be where you are with this project and good decisions now will be highly satisfying later down the road. You could have the front crossmember and suspension parts powder coated and save a lot of time. One deviation from SPI topcoats (not epoxy) is AG111 satin black for chassis parts (over epoxy primer), it’s one of the most solvent resistant paints I’ve used and I’ve been using it for 20+ years. It allows you to freely spray it down with carb cleaner and wipe off without affecting the finish. Nice car, this is not a time to use spray bombs or gimmick paints. JMHO… :blush:
Manual trans would be so nice to wake up that nice twin cam 6.


You might find my posts from 2018 helpful. That is when I did an engine transplant and engine bay cleanup in my 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas. Here is a link to the posts and pictures:


Hi Paul - thank you for sharing. You’ve got the beginning of some serious engine pulling experience. Does it get faster with practice?

The second one (the 1984 XJ6 VdP) definitely went quicker than the first one (1987 XJ6 VdP) since I learned a lot during the first one. I did them both to about the same level of restoration but I think the second one came out better. Both new owners were suitably impressed with the final look of the engine bays, pictures attached.



This type of project is in my future but first, I want to enjoy the 5-speed conversion (almost finished!) for the rest of this season. Are you going to paint your engine bay the body color -or black? Are you replacing or re-plating your metal parts? Replacing the non-metal parts?