What to do with my flywheel

I have just had my flywheel machined and it looks fantastic (see Pic) BUT I will not be fitting it for some months, I was going to spray WD40 over it to prevent corrosion (although I doubt I will get any as I live in Arizona), but as I am anal I want to be sure and would like your thoughts on how to best protect it (other than putting in my bedroom closet, the wife seems to object : )

FYI if you need machining done this guy is great and very reasonable prices Roy’s Cylinder head’s in Queen Creek Arizona 480 201 2967 (and no I do not get paid for this just like to give kudos where deserved.

Wouldn’t worry about it: in that dry climate, any flash rust you might get will make no difference to its use and operation.

If you feel compelled, coat it with heavy grease, put it in a grocery bag.

BTW, beautifully and properly machined!

Yep second the grease just don’t lay any paper over it afterwards, or lay it on a nice flat surface, the stiction that can generate is colossal.

I hate cleaning oils and grease off of parts so I’d be tempted to try this.


McMaster-Carr Page:

Late in replying so sorry life sometimes gets in the way of fun, I was VERY lucky to find this guy it only cost me $40 and as you can see he did an amazing job.

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