What to do With Sporty?

Well, her saga continues four years into her non-running history with me ever since I bought her on Ebay from the charity car auction …

My latest pair of techs have informed me that apparently neither of the semi-retired techs that I let work on Sporty in their spare times 2+ years ago did the work or accomplished the steps that they had represented to me they did. These two men were also friends with me and I have no idea yet why they lied to me, as I wasn’t even giving them (nor were they demanding) that much in the way of $$s for their respective work. :rage:

Bottom line is the fuel tank was never removed, cleaned at the car wash, and put back in. The replacement fuel pump and “high hat” that I bought were never installed, and there was never any replacement of the fuel lines with lines from a salvage vehicle. Moreover, nor has the car actually been running since I bought her, except when the one tech sprayed starter fluid into her intake and she ran smoothly for like 15 seconds.

My current techs report that the tank had been removed at one time, but pushed back in place. It is 1/2 full of fuel that is pretty much now more like varnish. The inside of the tank (and everything inside) is all rotted out, rusted and some parts have a white powdery coating on them. The apparent reason why she was a non-runner were 3 wires (2 of which are black, IIRC) going to the fuel pump in a cluster that all appear to have burned through at the same spots (possibly something in the fuel electrical system grounded or shorted that shouldn’t?). :anguished:

My techs have suggested three possible options as to the fuel tank: (1) buy a replacement after-market tank (they are made of fiberglass and relatively cheap) (2) try some of that new coating product that can be used to permanently coat the inside of the tank w. fiberglass resin after steam-cleaning (this was something originally developed for old motorcycle gas tanks) or (3) find another good used tank at a salvage yard. The only problem with this last option is that usually the yards puncture the tanks to let the fuel out and supposedly it is hard to get such tanks b/c they are illegal to sell due to environmental laws. :slight_frown:

So, what should I do … I hate the final option, which would be to just put her down … :cry:

Anyone??? I’m leaving the decision in ya’lls’ capable hands, as whether I should go with option #1, #2, or #3 (or put her down) …

Paul I’d do whatever it takes to prevent it becoming a Money Pit, check if the tank is fundamentally sound, clean it out I stand to be corrected but I imagine hot caustic soda i.e. oven cleaner would soften up the varnish/old fuel and allow it to be hosed out and dried. Hopefully it won’t leak or you’ll need to coat it as you suggest although I believe you can get a putty to fill holes.
Then make good the wiring and see if she will fire up.
Good luck, tanks are available from salvage in the UK but carriage won’t be cheap across the pond.