What to look for in high milage (186000) xk8 conv

tranny has been rebuilt. what other major items should I look at.

Welcome David.
What engine is it and what’s the year of manufacture (MY)?

2001 unsure if supercharged or not… I believe it’s the base model

Check if the timing chain tensioners have been replaced, if they haven’t been changed then they need to be done fairly soon.
Open the bonnet/hood and look at the engine, it either has a supercharger on top or it dosen’t.

Is there anything I should look at if its supercharged?

I know there were some transmission issues. I was hoping that the rebuild solved them. Clean car but alittle bit scared of it being a jag. This would be my first.

Yes there can be trans issues with the N/a car which has the ZF box, the S/c car has the Merc box and should be bullet proof, the diff however, I have just replaced mine in my 1999 XJR, due no doubt because of the amount of abuse I was giving it on a recent Road Rally
(Targa Hawkes bay 2019).
I was only in a touring group but the roads are closed to normal traffic and we are allowed to, in my group, go up to 130klms and corner as fast as you feel comfortable.
A few of the other cars were surprised at how well the old girl went around some of the bends :slight_smile:
Anyway back to the facts. I blew the diff and had to source a 2nd hand unit which I have just finished changing over yesterday. On my own in front of my garage with axle stands and a large trolley jack. Just need to get a wheel alignment.

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