What to put on your stereo when working on, or driving your E-type

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Not sure about when driving, but “Pore Jud Is Dead” from the musical Oklahoma, when working on an E Type.

or, “Ya Got Trouble” from Music Man.



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Me? When working on Tweety, I went this’a way!

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Nothing like 1000 watts of AC/DC

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You must all be coupe owners.

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Open To Sky. I get better sound out of my E then any f-type.

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Yes, me too Dino, but in a pinch AC/DC will do.
Usually good for 10+ over the limit.

…for driving it’s gotta be… DRIVE


Doesn’t matter what kind of project I’m working on, I invariably end up listening to old country/honky tank/ Western swing like Wayne Hancock, Junior Brown or Asleep at the Wheel. Probably fits a little better when I’m working on the ‘47 Merc than the Jag. Maybe if I discovered more Jag-appropriate music I’d be getting a little more done.

10 over is minimum … I find reggae the only music that keeps me at the speed limit

Hehe: are ya suuuure it’s the music, mon, or the ganja?


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yes indeed - but are you colorado boys doing tommy bolin/highwaystar?


Wiggles David Wilcox !! Holy crap. ! Memories
Chet Bakers Unsung Swan song !
My Old addiction !!

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Don’t ever pass up a chance to see him live!
His carbon fiber guitar is astonishing.

Our E-type has a mono radio, but through the DIN-connector I play 1972 English rock from 1972. :smiley:

I prefer musicians from the Birmingham / Midlands area. :wink: off the top of my head all original Black Sabbath and guys like Robert Plant, John Bonham, Paul Rogers, but also a few Nottingham and Londoners are ok, like Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, etc.



Two fingered Levi sister, she said “Peace”, I stopped, I kissed her.

I never thought of you as an Anglophile, sonically speaking!

Thought maybe you’d like…