What's a good replacement fan nowadays?

Hello all.

I’ve finally got back on the road after my little mishap a couple months ago. New radiator (which is a good fit except it doesn’t have the notch for the intake trumpet, any harm in running without it?), new fan clutch and what I thought was a new fan. But on closer inspection when installing it, I noticed it’s covered in what look like fine cracks around the hub. It’s distinctly more yellowish than the fairly nice white one that got broken when it hit the rad. I don’t think I trust it so I’m on the hunt for something better. These fans seem to be hard to come by, are there other 4-bolt fans that can fit? Would this work?

1985 XJ6 USA spec.

that’s the same as this, Engine Cooling Fan Blade Eurospare fits 1982-1992 Jaguar XJ12 XJS #EBC 4553 | eBay
but 1/3 the price. odd the autohaus site site it doesn’t fit??

ok thanks. Well I finally did find another thread that says EBC4553 seems to be the preferred replacement, and that Jaguar even used them in some markets especially in later years. So I’ll give that a try.

Where did you find the best price? AutohausAZ?

I have been using a steel fan with a Torqueflow 922665 clutch for the past 10 years. I got the fan clutch from Autozone, and I tried finding the receipt for the fan to find out where I bought it from, but can’t find it. I switched to the metal fan because I felt it would have less likelihood of going to pieces if the clutch seized or failed.

The trumpet is sort of a tunig devise, Martin - and it is also meant to take in outside air. Taking air from inside the engine compartment is not best practice - but neither is harmful as such…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)