What's the time limit on editing?

Just curious what the limit is on editing a post. Went to go add a picture to a previous post and didn’t find an edit option available. Didn’t really want to bump the thread to the top, but also wanted to add a picture for future reference.

And to add (as an edit), Jag-Lovers is one of the most easy to use and well kept forums I’ve been a part of. If you haven’t considered becoming a patron, please do. The effort of uploading pictures to a separate server and then linking to those pictures only to have the links to those pictures go dead in a couple of years more than makes up for the cost. The ability to upload pictures directly cannot be understated.

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I’ve just checked a post I made 15 days ago and I could edit it, not sure if thats because I am a moderator?

The post I was trying to edit was December '22. I guess I could look at my previous posts and see which ones I could still edit.

To clarify:

I’ve noticed sometimes editing bumps a post to the top. I think this happens when you edit a post that hasn’t been replied to. Is that correct? If you initiate a new thread but nobody has replied to it.

I’ve never tried, but does deleting a post always require admin attention? Does it matter if you’re the first (starting) poster? What happens if an initiating poster wants to delete a thread? Does it just go away? Or does the initiating post say “deleted” (or similar) and the responses remain?

Turns out; it depends.

For someone in TL (Trust Level) 0 or 1, the limit is 1,440 minutes.

For someone in TL 2 or above, the limit is 43,200 minutes.

You’re in TL 2 (“Member”), so you should have a window of 43,200 minutes, or 30 days to edit your own posts.


What’s the point of that time limit?
I see a point but thirty days, wouldn’t matter if it’d be a year. Sometimes you might want to correct yourself years after, (say there is some false info or an extra tip or new experience has come up) and not by adding another post at the very end of the thread…

Deleting a post does not require attention. It stays up for a day as ‘deleted’ and then disappears.

I don’t think there’s an easy answer to this.

If you want to go back and alter somerhing that could mislead people because you posted wrong information despite the best intention, I think this is ok, but if you want to go back and delete something unpleasant you wrote, after someone else has taken you to task for it this is not ok because it makes a nonsense of the other person’s post.

Perhaps some form of note, and perhaps access to the original post, might be beneficial?

Or perhaps if someone has replied to your post you can no longer edit it?

At least an info on when it was edited would be nice. I believe the edits are saved and still accessible.

I just replied to you. Imagine you were writing about a bolt. If you have found out that there is an easier way to access the bolt you talked about it would make sense that you could add in that information a year later. Ideally the edit would have a date next to it.

If you insulted me instead there’s only good reasons to edit but it should be accessible imo. If you insulted me badly you’d have to delete it either way.

Admins can see that a post has been edited, and all previous versions.

For me…i am always working to be kinder and gentler. When I first write most of the time, later, I think of a kinder/gentler way to say it.
I know, chit chat is easy to say…but saying something technical or more…is not.
I am always disappointed…in the lack of educated punctuation…sentence structure…no names…and NO THANK YOU
Just glad I can go back and correct…to the best of my ability…my transgressions.

ps I think of the contributors/helpers from 5 and 10 years ago…they fade then are gone (just like I am and will) a lot of times it is all that is left…the help that was given and what was said…just glad I can go back and try to express all this better

pss knowing/knowledge is not a good thing…especially when opening ones mouth/writting mostly faced with ridicule. I know…is a direct benefit to me…but to express knowledge is…mostly not good. What I know helps me…but exposes one to DELETE…REJECTION…so why do it. After all. I KNOW. So saying thank you…is the least I can do for a person exposing themselves.

Wouldn’t a viable alternative be to quote the original message and then post the correction in the message accompanying the quote? People then see the original message, see what’s changed, and see when it’s changed.

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Imagine those 30 years ago! We’ve been here a while now…


No, would be more convenient if it would - could be edited right in. Who reads through 300 posts of thread drift!

I guess it’s just the first post you can’t delete without permission. Even if nobody has replied to it.