What's what and where?

(Lawrence Hamilton) #1

Having just acquired a much neglected 85’ European Series III Sovereign XJ12, I am in need of help identifying the bits and pieces under the hood (bonnet). I have just finished reading most of the excellent info in the XJ S book on this site. Printing and then fumbling through 700 pages to determine what that ‘thingy’ is…just doesn’t work very well. Does any one know where to find labeled photos?? I know this model was not imported to the USA but I have one and sorely need any information about it.
Lost in Complexity,

(Paul M. Novak) #2

I own, drive, and do most of the work on two V12 Jaguars, a Canadian market 1990 V12 Vanden Plas (essentially a Daimler Double Six in Jaguar badging) and a 1990 XJ-S convertible.

I took a lot of the mystery (but not all of it) out of working of these cars by obtaining the proper technical documents including: the Owner’s Handbook that came with the car when it was new; the Jaguar Series III Service Manual for the XJ6 and XJ12; the Jaguar Parts Catalogue for the XJ12 and Daimler Double Six (I have a copy of RTC9886CE dated May 1985); and the Jaguar XJ6 S57 Electrical Guide (it covers the items that are the same between the XJ6 and XJ12).

I purchased all these as hard copies (most of them were used) on eBay. I believe that some of these documents are available on CDs from Jaguar or in other digital formats through third parties but I much prefer having the original hard copies.

As good as Jag-Lovers is, I don’t believe that you can maintain these cars by emails alone.

Another resource worth mentioning is the Jaguarclassicparts.com website maintained by Jaguar. It doesn’t have much for the XJ6 but it has a lot of helpful illustrations and parts listings for the XJ12s.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


(Robin O'Connor) #3

Larry, depending where you are located I have a Jagua S111 service manual that I am selling on behalf of our local Jaguar Drivers Club in New Zealand, this includes a section on the V12 a couple of sample photos:

(Lawrence Hamilton) #4

Thanks for the info. I found a manual on e-bay but couldn’t be sure of it’s authenticity. I am in no hurry and won’t be taking things apart until I know what it should be.


(Lawrence Hamilton) #5

Looks interesting but we are a long ways apart. Just for discussion, what are you expecting to get for it?


(Robin O'Connor) #6

Hadn’t thought about the price at this point its a very comprehensive set of removable slim volumes in a 4 ring binder, probably somewhere in the region of $nz100-150

(Lawrence Hamilton) #7

I’m waiting on a CD that’s supposed to have everything the dealer had. However I like having printed info so I’m still interested. Can you tell me the publication date? Series III covers several years and mine is an 85’. How heavy are they for shipping? Your price is reasonable if they are in really good condition.

(Robin O'Connor) #8

Printed in 1985 by the looks of this;

Weight is just over 2.5 kgs

This is the cover and the width;

(Lawrence Hamilton) #9

I would like to have them. Can you give me an address so I can see what shipping would be? Or I can give you my address and you can find out how much to ship them to me. You could find me on facebook and we could talk privately if you like.