Wheel Alignment 2002.5 S Type 4.2

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I have recently posted re “Front Lower Arm Bush Replacement” and “Adaptive Damping”
Both of these posts were in connection with an unsatisfactory feeling in the steering above 80kph (50mmph) more noticed around 100kph - 110kph ( our maximum legal speed)
I have the Jaguar alignment specs for “Showroom height” which I assume means new vehicles. However I have had three alignments and there is quite a difference in numbers used by the alignment shops.
The first two shops told me that there was no more Caster adjustment so I took it on myself to replace the bushes, bolts and adjustment cam washers. As mentioned in previous posts I learned that the smaller outer bush is not replaceable.
From my latest alignment it seems that further caster adjustment was achieved.
I have been told that alignment settings can vary from machine to machine…which doesn’t help me much. I’ve attached a spreadsheet showing a comparison between recent alignments. Has anyone had experience with S Type wheel alignment or can comment on my latest settings. Sadly, my car was ready on the day we went back to “Stage 3” lockdown so I cant take my car out for a decent test drive where I can legally do the speeds where the problem appeared. I’m hoping for a good result but I guess I’m just looking for some info /feedback re other owners experience.
Thanks for taking time to review this.
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The figures I have for my 2005 S-type R are in the range of what you have (closest to TYRE PLUS.) I don’t know if the 2002.5 had the revised suspension like the 2005 - based on the service manual going from MY2002.5 on I would guess it does.

The S-type R might have different settings. but I ended up with:

Camber LF: -0.45°
Camber RF: -0.58°
Caster L: 6.91°
Caster R: 6.91°
Toe LF: 0.8mm
Toe RF: 0.7mm
Total Toe: 1.5mm
Steer Ahead: 0.00°

Camber LR: -0.74°
Camber RR : 1.33°
Toe LR: 1.7mm
Toe RR: 1.8mm
Total Toe: 3.5mm
Thrust Angle: -0.01°

Steering and handling are fine at all speeds. Perhaps worn suspension components if not alignment? I would say though that while I was advised to replace my control arm (banana) due to bushings, and did so before the alignment, there were no detectable steering issues that I noticed in 4000 miles of driving across the United States coast-to-coast in 5 days.


Most helpful.


The 2002.5 is actually 2003 spec which I think is the same s the 2005.

I going to post another question regarding the power steering as to whether there is any adjustment other than at the tie-rod ends.

I replaced the tie-rods soon after I got this car along with front hubs upper control arms etc. It still feels like there’s a little too much Freeplay in the steering wheel.


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