Wheel alternatives for 92 XJ40 Sovereign?

HI all. Really tough to find the correct tire size for the stock 15 inch wheels. Have not yet had any luck finding the 16 inch stock wheels off a 94.

Now considering aftermarket wheels, and if I am going that route, then considering 17 or 18 inch rims if anything will fit.

can anyone point me to a supplier or seller that can supply 16/17/18 inch rims to fit my 92 XJ 40? I am in western Canada.


Hi something in the back of my mind is saying BMW? The other would be to go X300 wheels?

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Check out coventrywheels.com. Their fitment guide doesn’t go back as far as 1992 but the 17" will fit. I have had a set of the Whitleys (gloss black with polished silver rim) on my '94 XJ40 for about 10 years or so.

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X300 wheels are 16’s and fit - must be some in a wreckers yard in Vancouver.

Robin you have an excellent memory …

Here are the BMW wheel’s that I’ve had on my 89 XJ40 for about a year now and I love them. Had tons of compliments by the way.

The wheels are off a 2002 530i and although they’re 16" they fool you and look larger because the
spokes go all the way out to the end of the wheel. This gives you the benefit of not sacrificing a smooth ride for a larger wheel.

Found Jaguar center emblems the perfect size online that I modified to use with the original BMW caps. I spent a lot of time searching for the “perfect” wheel and I think I found it … for me at least :sunglasses:

The problem with the BMW wheels is that they have a 5 X 120mm bolt pattern whereas the Jaguar pattern is 5 X 4 3/4 inch. This means you are bending the studs and they can break.

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Harry …

You are certainly correct (good detective work there) that there is a difference in the bolt pattern between the jaguar and BMW. However the difference is only 25 thousands of an inch and many people have done the swap with no problems. The two wheels center bore is exactly the same by the way, so they fit on perfectly.

Being a more precise kind of guy I purchased a set of wobble bolts that eliminates even that small difference. Research them on line.

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 10.27.25 PM

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I had checked Coventry first a while ago. As you say their fitment guide does not go back to the XJ40’s. What I really wanted was a set of the Coventry Hornet wheels, but they are discontinued. Even the Whitly’s specifications, which are available in balck, silver, or chrome, is confusing because there are various offsets etc and I have no idea what is required for an XJ40. Can you tell me which of the 17 inch Whitleys I would need to order?

Anyway, thanks everyone for the responses, I will look for a used set of X 300 16 inch wheels and see what is available. I had a set of 94 XJ 40 wheels on my last 92 XJ40, they had kind of a matte type finish but I had them stripepd and sanded and polished, looked realy good. Have not been able to find a set of the 16 inch 94’s either.

also had never heard of wobble bolts. Looks like a good alternative for fitting BMW wheels onto an XJ 40, or at least aftermarket wheels intended for a BMW

I wasn’t aware of the wobble nuts. Seems like a good solution.

You have to use BMW E39 wheels. Those have a 74.1mm center bore like the Jaguar XJ. Earlier and later BMWs have s smaller center bore. It is 72.5 I think.


I purchased my Coventry Whitley wheels with tires from Discount Tires Direct 8 years ago. Here is a snip from the invoice showing the wheel specs:

As you can see they are 17 x 8 five bolt with 120.6525 MM spacing. Hope this helps.

Yes, the “wobble” bolts (or nuts) are quite ingenious. Nothing skimpy or bodge about them. Fully tested and TUV approved. The only difference is that they have a floating collar that allows for up to 2mm adjustment.

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Never heard of them, somebody thinking outside the circle.

Here in the states we call that “outside the box”. Same thing, really, except perhaps more edgy.

We are talking about PCD’s hence the circle :grinning:

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Ahhh, I’m likely a bit prehistoric…

Robin …

“Outside the circle” … Excellent !

shouldn’t it be “outside the cylinder” seeing as we’re in 3D?

I just picked up a set of wheels from an e-type that I plan on putting on my 91 XJ40. They have such a classic look to them that I think will suit the car way better.