Wheel bearings recommendations and grease

Sorry I disagree with Carl right turns place the stress on the left wheel.

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Update, well I got the left front wheel up in the air, wheel
Spins freely in the straight position.
As soon as I crank the wheel over to turning right all the way
you can’t spin the wheel by hand anymore.
Not seeing any clearance or rubbing issues.

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That is odd. As the wheel and the stub-axle stay in the same position relative to each other, there should be no difference no matter which way you “point” the assembly. (Off the ground, of course.) Curious to see what you find. What happens if you remove the wheel and try turning the rotor?

I was thinking the same, I think I’m just going to do the rotors as well I noticed some heavy groove scoring as well.
I only thing I can say is hard right turn, weird grinding
It was on my list to go over front end suspension and brakes
This summer anyway. Might as well go through the lot
Prior to new tyres and alignment. The car has been good
To me. I haven’t thrown any serious coin at the old girl for
A while. I haven’t at the car either for matter!

Something is grinding or rubbing, look at immediately and until then avoid full lock at all cost. Are you absolutely certain that you aren’t shaving the rubber off or machining down the rim?

Yes I’m sure, I checked all that. There is a little play in
The wheel on the shake test, grinding on full right turn,
I had my Jaguar mechanic have a look to confirm. He concurs.
He’s ordering up some new wheel bearings for me.
I might have a project for the weekend. I’ll just ground
The car till then. Might as well do the front brakes whilst I’m
In there.
Always happens, soon as I get into summer driving season
something always needs attention. The fun of owning an
Old Jaguar I guess. I’m guessing with 150,000 Km’s on
the car the wheel bearings are due anyway.

You certainly won’t be doing any harm, and not spending a lot of money either. It’s fairly straightforward.

The bearings you have on the car have certainly given you more than enough.

Just make sure you check the underside of the stub axle for any wear.


OK update (again) confirmed, inner wheel bearing worn.
Not as bad as I thought. But while I was at, managed to
Change the anti roll bar bushes . Front brakes and rotors.
I would recommend anyone to change their front anti sway
Bar bushes. They seem to to make the car ride better and
Be more responsive. Not a hard job, not a costly expense.
I checked off a lot of other stuff whilst I was there.
The ball joints were sealed units and were fine. I think i’m
Good to go .