Wheel sizes XJ308

I have recently bought a 2000 Daimler Super V8 & have 2 queries :-

  1. Daimler wheels - instead of having the elegant Daimler wheels it has 18 inch Jaguar BBS wheels. My car has to have 18 inch wheels because of the size of the front brake callipers. I have looked on the internet & found on eBay 17 inch Daimler wheels but not 18 inch . Were 18inch Daimler wheels made ?

  2. Tyre Profile - what is the largest profile tyres one can fit to 18 inch wheels to provide a more comfortable ride ?


Sorry Simon,

you’re on the wrong forum - while over 50 years the cars were sold as “XJ” the technical development ushered in quite different cars, dealt with in various forums at this site. You’ll be right on https://forums.jag-lovers.com/c/x300/23.

All that being said there might be some members of this list able to give you some info …

Good luck anyhow


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

I have moved the post to the X300 forum

Do you have grey 4 pot brembo calipers with jaguar written on them? If yes, that it probably the requirement for BBS wheels, to clear the caliper.

Is your spare wheel red ?

Tyre profile usually 40 or 45 from memory

I had exactly the same issue with my SV8. I preferred ride over ultimate grip and bought a set of 16s only to find they foul on supercharged cars. The Daimler compromise was 17s which will fit fine (18s were XJR).


Yes I do have grey callipers with Jaguar on them . The car has 255/40 x 18 wheels . I think because of the callipers I am stuck with 18 inch wheels . Can I fit 45 or 50 profile tyres to make it more comfortable. I used to have a Daimler XJ 40 & it was supremely comfortable & wafted around !

Changing tyre profiles will knock speedo out.

Try experimenting with tyre pressures first

Interesting. I tried the 15" XJ40 wheels on the V12 and surprisingly they fit :slight_smile:

V12s didn’t have massive Brembo callipers.


I just replaced 255/40 18 tires in my '02 XJR with 245/45 18 Continentals. See this recent string: New tires for the “R” - X300 - Jag-lovers Forums

Regards, Eric

Thanks Eric,

V. helpful. Do you know if it is possible to fit 50% profile tyres on 18 inch wheels on the X308 ? The 17inch wheels came with a 50 profile tyre.

Also, I know the X350 had 50 profile tyres on 18inch wheels but the X350 was a completely different car .