Where are all the classifieds?!?

Greetings All,

While the general site has some idiosynchrosies, those I can live with for the mist part.

What is the problem with the classifieds?

The sheer volume has been minimized as to almost be useless.

Could it be that many who used this previously find posting on it problematic?

Why even bother at this point?

IMO, placing ads here is no more difficult than under the old software, it’s just different. Looking at the old system there were 9 less ads there on 14 October 2016 as compared to today on the new site.

Normally I would agree with you.

Now explain the shear number of ads that no longer exist?

Did those people sell their cars and parts?

Does not make sense.

Not being pedantic just making an observation.

Here are the ads on the old site as of when we migrated:
This shows a total of 43 ads

Here are the current ads on the new site:
This shows a total of 62.

Using conventional arithmetic, 62 is greater than 43, even for very large values of 43.

Any other questions?

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