Where can i get replacement valves for the 2 pressure ports on the A/C system?

Both of these valves on my system have slow leaks. I can find Schrader valves but these don’t look like Schrader, but instead just balls probably with a spring underneath. Most of the stem will screw off, but I doubt if a Schrader valve will fit in.

BTW I replaced the fuel filter (140,000 km) and it seems many of the symptoms such as rough idle, stalling when stopping after a cruise, etc, have disappeared. The pressure difference when blowing through the input end of old and new filter is significant.

I just take the old ones to the local Auto Parts Store and the guy goes in the back and matches them up with NEW ONES.

I would give you a part number but have NO IDEA what car you have.

It’s very likely a standard R12/R134 valve core like what you see here.

You can buy them for $2 each.