Where do I get the body shop to drill holes

OK one of my many dumb questions :slight_smile:

Under the bonnet near the firewall in the wing gutter there are rubber bumpers (Cone shape)
I need to know measurements of the location and size of hole, I appreciate I could guess and no one would know, but I am an anal twit at times.

IF you can help please send info soon as it’s about to be painted.

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I was just at the IEJC Concours. The Mk2 in champion division 1st place, had the Cones attached at back of bonnet pointing down. I believe it was a 1960.

Looking at my 3.8S the two conical shaped buffers are pointing up and attached to the gutter which is part of the fender and they are 3 inches forward of the end of the gutter at the scuttle. Not sure if this was how it was done on the Mark II. Why are your original holes not still there?

I have never seen them attached to the bonnet and every picture I have found has them in the gutter and now thanks to the help on this page I know they are 3" down
I don’t have the holes because I have replaced both front wings some years ago when I started this project, at the time the wings cost me $2,500 each and today they are $5,110 each.

I don’t know size of the hole as I am not pulling the rubber out , best wait till you get the rubbers , and drill a hole in scrap metal to find out :+1:

Must have been a different hole drilling bloke on the S Types. Here’s mine.

Mine’s a 1968 Daimler 250 but the rubber is exactly where Ian’s is

I guess it was wherever the mood took them :slight_smile:

OK I can see it’s a personal choice, I think I will go for 2 1/2

Thanks for the input off to the body shop Tuesday.