Where does this bracket go

US 1970 S2 OTS. I‘m fiddling an engine out/in. Any idea? I have the speedo cable bracket in place, so that’s not it.

Just spitballing here, dip stick clip?

Robin, on the very late S2 the dipstick is held by a wire bracket, on top of the heat shield over the exhaust manifold, around here:

So no, not for the dipstick.

The Series III XJ6s had a clip like that suspended beneath the intake manifold on a cylinder head stud to hold a small emissions vacuum hose. I don’t believe that I have anything like that clip on my 1969 E-Type FHC, so maybe is has something to do with the carbon canister or other emissions components installed in the later Series II E-Types?


Aha. It is a S3 XJ6 engine head. So likely from there. I think thats where it‘s from.

Thanks, Paul!

Aha a trick question

Less a trick than getting to be forgetful!? :sweat_smile:

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The part number for that clip is C43080 and it is shown on page 1C08L of my copy of the Series III XJ6 Parts Catalogue. If you are putting a Series III XJ6 4.2L XK engine cylinder head in your E-Type you might find it helpful if you had a Series III XJ6 Parts Catalogue. Just a thought.


Who’re you? …:slight_smile:

Yes Paul you are correct, I should have one. I helped myself with a digital parts catalog from a (german) parts supplier. To be honest it did not cross my mind to check the XJ6 parts list.