Where does this go? (pic)

Found this with other parts and I can’t remember if it’s E-Type or not?

It is the center foreword gas tank support brace that goes on the forward boot bulkhead it can be seen by looking up where the IRS is.

Hmmmmm, I have a coupe. And the IRS and tank are IN the car…

Couple of photos of mine:

Did you put the car together or someone else?

I did. What does this do?

The bracket reinforces the panel where the rear right side tank mounting bracket is installed. One on the outer side and one on the inner side sandwich the sheet metal panel. It is item no 24 in the photo attached.
Fuel tank bracket

Ah ok, I probably have just washers and nuts I there. I can replace on the lift.

Thanks guys!

If you have already installed the IRS, I wish you luck. If you can get this part in there with the IRS in place you are a better man than I am.

That’s interesting. I just checked my '66 S1 2 + 2. Looks like there’s plenty of room to get it past the IRS cage.

I’ve been in there to remove the nuts from the bracket studs as a prelude to removal of gas tank. Tight but workable on a 66 FHC.