Where is fuel filler opener switch nad also boot lock switch

I have xj40 OZ build 89, 3.2L
I cannot find the fuel filler latch switch which was supposed to be in the glovebox but isnt.
Also can the boot be opened from inside the car and if yes where is that switch.
Can some one help please.

On my 94 the boot release is located inside and at the rear of the armrest. No glove box on the 94 (air bag) but AFAIK you can open the fuel door by pressing down on it and if that doesn’t work there’s a lever inside the trunk below the fuel filler.

If the fuel flap is flat then yes you should be able to just push down on the flap and it should release. There should also be a release lever in the boot, a white plastic lever located in the region of the fuel pipe.
Its a long while since I had my ‘88 but I can’t remember a boot release inside the car. The later cars had one in the passenger glovebox.

Don’t have an inside latch on my 89, the push to open no longer works so I use the latch release in the trunk.Backside of the fill assembly.

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