Where is the rear Jacking Point?


Would someone please remind me where the jacking point is for a S-1 XJ6 to hopefully get the two rear wheels off the ground, with one jack. The jack is the type, about six feet long, the jacking handle at one end and the jacket upper (that’s a technical term) at the other end. The piece that contacts the car is a cup with four protruding knobs.

However, using a piece of two by four, I made a piece that provides a flat surface about 6 inches wide.


The XJ6 Series III Maintenance Handbook and the Series III Service Manual that I have both include detailed information about safe jacking and lifting the Series III cars. Don’t your Series I Owner’s Manuals or Repair Operations Manual cover this?


It’s under the diffy if you’re going to do it that way, Lou. Your jack sounds long enough. I think some folks object, although I may be mixing it up with Corvairs. The alternative is to put a jacker upper under each jacking point in front of the rear wheels and lift using two jacks.


I’d be surprised if the SI were different from my SII car. The rear jacking points are close to the sills, half a handwidth forward of the radius arm mounts and look like pegs fitting into the slot of your onboard jack.

The second way of jacking mentioned above is putting a big board under the tie plate and lift the car from there.

Stay safe


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

I always use the board and under the tie plate with a trolley jack then axle stands under the trailing arm cups.

Jochen: Thanks for your response. I intend to print this out and put it in my copy of the shop manual.

I may have seen this before, as years ago, I made a wood plate as shown in “Rear-both wheels”. It work great and is easy to position because, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the jack is about 6 feet long and thus I’m able to do the lift without having to get down under the rear.

Regards Lou