Where is the revolution counter in this wiring diagram of MKV?


I can’t find the recolution counter in the wiring diagram of MKV below. If you can, please tell me where it is.

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The revolution counter, tachometer, would not need to show in the electrical wiring diagram since it uses no electrical wiring. The revolution counter is driven by a mechanical cable.

However, the drawing does show an large circle drawn in the lower right corner to represent the body of the revolution counter. The speedometer is represented by the circle on the lower right.

It appears the drawing also does not show the clock. The clock requires a wire and is found in the revolution counter body.

Sorry for error, the revolution counter is represented by the circle on the lower left.

Thank you for the comments. But I can’t find it yet. On the lower left side, there is the fusebox for example. Is the revolution counter situated higher than the fusebox or lower ? What number is given in the near of the revolution counter ?

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The tachometer is just represented by a large faint circle next to the petrol gauge. It has no wiring going to it on this diagram. My xk120 is mechanical as well.


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Thank you for the helpful comment. At last I could understand what you meant,

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