Where is the vacuum tank fitted on a 1964 MK2?

Hello everyone,
I just finished the ‘autopsy’ of my new project.
The vacuum booster is positioned across the right inner wing with a protective cover on the wheel side.
I’m not seeing any indication of where the missing vacuum tank should be mounted?
Can anyone provide a picture.
Much appreciated, as always.
John Gadbois

I have an S of the same era and if they have compatibility, it should be mounted on the channel frame in front of the left front wheel. The S spares catalogue shows a layout of the parts. Let me know if you need any more information.


It will mount just ahead of the right front wheel:

Let me know if you’d like more detailed photos of the mounting points.

If you can find the booster, the vacuum tank is just next to it. Fastened by 2 bolts at the bottom of cover (which is fastened to tank), see photo at Service Manual Page L.20

If you don’t have one, some people have suggested they are not necessary and have removed theirs.

I don’t think I’d remove mine though.

This is great.
Thanks so much!
John G.

I also like to keep things original, and safe.
Thanks for your comment.
John G.

Thanks for the info!
John G.

There is also a short metal rod which stabilizes the vacuum tank and shield.

Mine is in the shed on the shelf :rofl: