Where to buy a MKII or 340?

Hello folks -

I’m entertaining the idea of buying a MKII or 340 that is “closer to done” than my own '61. The more the days go by, I’m less and less sure I really want to entirely restore a car again. I always look anyway, because I’m addicted to cars, but I’m taking a more serious look at buying another MK2…but from where? Does anyone have a good site, source, place to check? Here are the sources I regularly look at:

  1. BAT (for pricing and sometimes a good deal might happen…lol)
  2. Hemmings
  3. Auto trader Classic
  4. Classic Cars.com
  5. Facebook Marketplace ( I do a broad search over most of the country)
  6. Craigslist …[shudder]

Any other gems I’ve missed? The market and selection for cars in general seems a bit off lately, but I want to set up some alerts to see what’s out there.


Always a few MK2’s on E-bay , and the odd 240/340

Hi Allen. I don’t know your market but some of the best cars in our market turn up in the classifieds section of club magazines. FWIW. Paul.

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You could also try:

Hi Allan, I have a good friend who has to sell his MK 11, as he can not drive. It is a Gray exterior, I believe 4 spd OD. it has been shown many times. Nice car. If you message me I can give his contact info to you. It also has A/C! Just spoke with him, he will get on the forum this afternoon.

I would politely suggest you change your forum information to show your location to make such a useful suggestion even more useful. Treozen might consider the same.

Good point @John_Quilter - I updated myself.

Thanks for the suggestion @alodmd, I appreciate it. The problem is that I am one of those “won’t drive a real car, wants to by lazy, won’t experience true performance” guys that wants, and is entirely happy with, an Automatic :slight_smile: -)

I actually have a nice '67 MGB GT in very good condition, that I’ve driven all of twice in a year of ownership, because I thought “having a little stick shift” would be fun, and have since decided its really just annoying. :wink:

Gee, that cuts very deep for a lot of us! :slight_smile: We have four manual cars: two Jaguars, one Morgan and one Subaru. Each to his own.
Worth being aware that earlier Mk2’s have the DG 250 Borg Warner auto. It has some interesting features, including a “lock up” top gear, can be a bit agricultural. Later cars have a Borg Warner 8 (I think), a more modern auto. Others will know more. Paul.

@Breen60 Yea, I know. Certainly mean no offense to those that love the manual, its just not something that I want to deal with, especially in traffic these days and besides…how am I supposed to eat my fries, and hold a big-gulp if I need to shift gears?

I actually have '61 MKII with the DG250. It needs quite a bit of work though, and much of it is in areas that are not my specialty (body & paint) so every time I look at it, I’m less and less convinced I’ll ever actually get it back on the road. 10 years ago I was all full of energy for restorations, I guess I’m getting lazy.

I think it’s a BW35 - it certainly is on the Daimler