Where to buy OEM parts for 04 xtype

goodevening, where on the web can i find sites that sell OEM parts . You can forget picking up parts from the dealer, Im looking for the passenger side front Pillar for my 04 xype.

It is difficult to say, if we don’t know where you are. I’m in western Canada and sources around here are different from other locations.

USA, Southeast Georgia near Atlanta.

eeuroparts.com, eurojag.com,,,treeysjag.com,,usa@sngbarratt.com,
rockauto.com, welsh.com


SNG Barratt USA, is your best bet for manufacturer-specific parts: their service is second to none, and the parts quality is usually stellar.

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Wiggles is right, SNG seems to have more than anyone else. My 04 j8 is parked and waiting for me to get enough time off to pull the front of the 4.2 off and replace the timing components. My flying saucer blew the diaphragm and dumped enough oil into the intake to hydraulic the cylinders. Luckily I was backing out of the driveway so I was able to shut it off almost immediately.
So far SNG has been the only vendor that has had all the parts I need if a head removal is in my future. Just be ready for the price tag. I can by an xj identical to mine, with more miles but still only $2k. If anything repairs other than valves and timing are required then I will just buy me another one.
What parts are you looking for exactly? My car only has about 80k miles on it and until that vacuum failure it was running strong.