Where to buy parts/ any advice for a 1968 420G

I’ll try to keep this short. My family has a 1971 Etype and a 68 420G since new. Now that I have moved closer to home, I want to start working on the 420G. I am familiar with general mechanics as I’ve had dozens of 60/70s GM trucks. However, I’ve never touched these Jags. My questions…
Will any special tools be needed, or would my hobbyist mechanic tool set do the job?

Where do people order parts for these ( Brakes, suspension, engine parts, etc…)?

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Welcome to the forums and the madness of Jaguars.
The forum has a very good search engine, the spy glass top right of the page, there will be many posts on most things that you can think of but please ask any questions to get you started.

There are a few suppliers Moss motors, SNG Barrett to name only 2 others will be able to chime in with their favourites.

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If you indicate where you are on the planet, you’ll likely find someone on this list within a couple hours distance from you. That’s a great place to start.

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Many parts sources have changed in recent years, and as well as the quality of the parts.
Be prepared to do a lot of returning to maintain proper fitting/functioning.
Asking lots of specific questions here is your best bet.
The acquisition of rubber components for the 420G will be most challenging.
Keep us posted on your successes however.

Aren’t the rubber components of the MkX the same?


Yes they are the same.
Although a lot of the rubber is now sold by the meter.
The original molded rubber is more elusive.
While NOS rubber can still be had from time to time, how good can it still be after all these years?

I think Scotty’s sells newly-made rubber from original molds.

Try and save and use as many original parts as you can , new part’s are crap 80% of the time , so don’t think new is better !
A good workshop manual , and parts book are a great help !

Call Jack in Virginia, he has a slew of MK10 and about 70 other Jaguars for parts.
540 743-4037
540 742 5652

He is NOT computer savy. He will call back after you leave a message.

Any photos?
(Owner of 3 of them)