Where's the E-Type forum?

How come the E-Type forum doesn’t show up on the Forums list? I know it exists because I’ve found it with a search, but I’d expect it to be right there on the Forums page.

I can see it 3rd from top, might have been unusually silent!

Most likely you’ve hidden it from your front page list. How have you done this? I’ve no idea, though I’ve heard it can be done. I was sure Andrew had done a post in the help section about it, but can’t seem to find it not.


Nick, Funny Kilbert brought this up.
I think Ive been on the etype forum once or twice. :slight_smile:
For some reason on ALL my devices it seems once Ive been responding or posting in that category I don’t get that category when I come back in, I have to go to my mail and responses to jump back in to ETYPE.
Make sense?

OK, I figured it out – sort of. On any given forum, there’s a box to the right that says “+ New Topic”. Just to the right of that is a little box that doesn’t say much of anything, and if you hover over it it says one word that means nothing. Click on it, and you get the options to watch or track that particular forum.

I’m quite sure I never messed with this thing. E-type was “muted”, that’s why I didn’t see it – but I would not have muted E-type, it’s one of the forums I’m interested in. XJ12 was also muted, another forum I should be watching. Meanwhile there’s a pile of other forums I am not interested in that I normally have to wade through. Now that I know how this thing works, I’m gonna go do a lot of editing on it.