Which 123 distributor for my late series II?

I have decided to go with a 123 electronic distributor. I think I just want the 16 position switchable
one. The programmable types look too confusing for me.
After checking the 123 website I’m a little confused.
Is the " Jaguar-6-R-V " the model I want?
Is there any modification needed for the coil?
What happens to the vacuum hose that’s currently connected to the Lucas distributor?
Does the Tachometer need any modification?
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who’s been through this.

i believe the replacement offers vacuum, should match electronic distributor with a coil rated for electronic, tacho stays the same, wiring diagram will show that, you can download a manual for installation so you can pre read the fitting before you buy, programmable are easy, as suggested, do a little home work before you buy…
i researched all types & opted for the hot spark kit, kept the original dissy & just fitted internals, no problems in 10 years, set & forget


The answer to your questions depend very much on the current configuration of your car. Your profile indicates that you have a Series 2, but doesn’t give the model year (which makes a difference), or any modifications from stock. Please answer the following questions:

  1. What model year is your series 2?
  2. Do you have the original twin Stromberg carbs, or triple SUs?
  3. What model is your Lucas distributor? It should be stamped on the body - likely to be 41207 or 41322 if it is original to the car.
  4. Does your car have an external ballast resistor mounted next to the ignition coil?

The answers to these questions will influence your choice of coil, the vacuum connection, and the tachmometer.


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David, here is some more info about my car.

  1. 1971 roadster, (1970 mfg) imported to Canada
  2. twin Stromberg carbs
  3. Lucas distributor is stamped 41322 B, it has a Pertronix Ignitor installed in lieu of the points
  4. no visible electrical equipment near the coil so I am assuming no external ballast resistor.
  5. There is a small 3 wire device wired into the harness over by the voltage regulator. It is not mounted to anything, its just laying loose on the vehicle info plate. Its wired into the electrical system but the part of the harness it goes into is all wrapped with electrical tape so I’m not able to figure out where it goes. I’ve never been able to figure out exactly what it is. It is marked: Terrys Jaguar parts SS3AW. I’m going to try to contact them later today.
    Thanks for your attention to this.

It’s probably this:


I used the Jaguar 6 RV distributor from 123 on my 1970 FHC (late series 2) with ballasted ignition.
I chose a high output coil (of the appropriate resistance for a ballast igntiion)
Distributor went in fine, works fine.
Tachometer works just as before, no modifications needed to coil or tachometer, other than the 123 distributor requires two wires - just another connection.
As for the vacuum - there is a port on the distributor for the vacuum tube from the carburetor, I found it would fit, but barely, so I lengthened the tube by and inch or two.
To set it up, you need a good timing light. I’d recommend an Innova 5568, a dial back light.
You will get to choose a timing curve, don’t spend too much time trying to figure out the different offerings. I chose curve 5 (or 6) as it seemed to best model the original timing curve.
If you purchase the 123, let me know and I’ll be glad to help you get set up and can send you pictures of my setup.

Agree to all of the above: please bear in mind that programmable is child play with 123. I got the Bluetooth model and you get the advantage of a phone immobilizer and very accurate diagnose dashboard.


Now I’m curious about the Bluetooth model. I like the idea of the immobilizer. Where would I find the info to do the programming, and what advantages would this give me over the 16 position model regarding the curves? Also any difference in the tachometer performance with this model?

Can anyone recommend a good U.S. supplier for 123? Some of the usual Jaguar suppliers seem a bit high or they dont have all the optional models in stock. Has anyone done buisness
with 123ignitionsusa.com ?

Moi aussi! Beats all the other various schemes.

Hi all,

This is the dashboard you get with the 123 BT

And this is the plot (rpm and vacuum correction).

My 120 is on the top of the garage now so I cannot connect it to ahow it to you working. Basically you drop a point in the plot, and so on, until you have the curve you want.

The temperature, Volts and so on are internal sensors to the 123 unit.

I am in the EU, no idea about reliable 123 providers. Mine came from either Limora or SNG. I have them all in our Jags and the MG: screw, turn switch and BT and prefer the BT but all work perfectly.



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The immobilizer is activated simply with a pin from the app.

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You might give Classic Jaguar in Austin a call. I talked to them a few years ago about a 123 and they were very informative I thought. I ultimately decided to stay with my stock distributor with Pertronix module since I think my car runs well and I am mostly an…if it aint broke don’t fix it… kind of guy. If I ever decide to get one though I think it will be from CJ.


68 E-type FHC

I bought mine from 123ignition. My friend Is pictured on the home page, races 1800 Volvos. Figured if 123 was good enough for him, good enough for my 69 S2. These distributors arent cheap. I think they protect the price points. 123 provides great help and service.

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