Which cars are popular for the V8 engines?

I suspect it is the XJ6. Does it fit in the smaller saloons? Must be perfect in the Mk10.
And coupled to a more modern 4-speed automatic transmission, must make agreat driving machine.
Pity that Jaguar never used the Daimler 4,5L V8 in more than just 2-3 test cars

There are many threads in the archives, that address this: yes small black Chevys and Fords fit quite well in the XJ6. As I understand it, it’s not quite as much a slam dunk in a Mk 10, but it still can be done.

Wasn‘t the Mk X also a test mule for the v12?

I have a friend with a 5.0 litre V8 Holden (copy of a SBC) in an XJS. It’s a roomy fit.