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Hi Everyone!

Sorry this a bit of a long one!

I have a 1977 XJ12 Series 2 that I’ve had for many years now and it runs really great. When I got it back on road after being in a barn for 17 years I decided to replace the functioning OPUS system with the Re-OPUS that was still available then from Australia. I choose that system since the rest of my dissy was in very good condition. At the same time I put in a new coil for the OPUS system, the Lucas DLB198.
After about 2 years the car started to run a little rough and since I was chasing a few EFI issues I didn’t think it was ignition related until I checked everything else on the engine. My still “new” coil had very low voltage and produced a weak spark. I still had the original coil that came with the car on a shelf, I put it back on the car and I had good spark again.
I’ve run the car like this for a few years, with a very old coil, which I don’t prefer. However I don’t want to put a new on again just to have it fail after maybe 1000 miles.
I therefore wonder if anyone else is running RE-OPUS on their pre-HE V12 and if so, have you been able to run a different coil? Maybe one that is more powerful? My aim is to get as strong of a spark as possible without damaging the RE-OPUS electronics. Unfortunately the man who made the RE-OPUS is no long active. Sadly I believe he has passed away.

Hope someone has the same system as me with a good coil!



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i use the Crane x700 ignition system, the coil is everyday standard coil from Advance auto supply!

i think around 20.dollars! been over 20 yrs, so it must be OK!

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also for starting , use a relay to put full 12V to coil, after startup goes back to 9,5V running thru a resister!

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Engine looks nice!
Well I want to keep the RE-OPUS since it works really well. Basically I’m looking for a coil like the Lucas DLB198 but more powerful. I haven’t been able to find the specs on that coil.
The system is original Jaguar so it does run through a ballast resistor.

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another trick that my help is increase alternator output to around 14.6/14.8 volts running and spark will come up considerably!

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Hi Adam
on my pre HE I went through the reopus system on the way to my current fit of the SNG HEI system which is the same as fitted to the later V12s. This system uses the DLB 198 coil the same as you have, this coil has been on the engine for around 10 years with no issues.
I have heard that the reopus system can develop issues similar to the original Opus system, mine did, which is why I moved on in the end.