Which coolant recovery tank to order?

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My 2002 3.0 appears to have a leaking coolant recovery tank. When I went to order one (I checked a variety of sources) there appears to be a difference between tanks prior to VIN # M45254 and post. Mine is prior.
Is this a big deal? Some offerings refer to the VIN #, post and prior (mostly post) and some make no mention at all.
Thank you for any insight you care to share!

Service Action S145 (TSB S303-S145) Coolant Level Sensor Contamination –
Disable Sensor –Service Action S145

The service action was issued to disable the sensor for the 4.0 V8 and the superseded part as issued without sensor.

The 3.0 has no need for the low coolant sensor since the 3.0 was equipped with fail-safe cooling.

ANY coolant reservoir will work for the 3.0 X200.

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Thank you for taking the time to clear this issue up!

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