Which MIG Gas CO2 or Argon mix?

(Jim XK140 FHC) #1

There is no comparison . It is immediately better , sounds better , less spatter . It did give a hotter weld and needed to turn down the voltage . I can’t believe I have been putting up with straight CO2 for so long

(Roger King) #3

Use an Argon/CO2 mix, Jim. That’s what I use for migging mild steel and stainless. Neat Argon for tig.

(Art Ford) #4

Is there any reason to have the CO2 in the Argon? Would 100% Argon be inferior for mig on steel?

(Roger King) #5

I get a much cleaner weld with CO2 mix.

(Robert Wilkinson) #6

Certainly not better, some would argue that it doesn’t work at all satisfactorily. A fraction of non-inert gas seems to be required, 25% being considered ideal.

This comes up a lot because folks with TIG and MIG, or folks who weld aluminum, want to simplify things buy using only one gas. IMHO.

(Paul Wigton) #7

100% on alloy, mixed on steel.