Which side is right rear

(DarrenWayne) #1

Hi Everyone,

The door handle broke on my 93 XJ6 on the rear passenger side door (passenger side here in the US). Is this the right rear side?

(Grahame Loader) #2

Your supposition is correct. The convention is to label the quadrants as you are looking forward from the driver’s seat. Thus, the left side is left and the right side is right, no matter which side the driver’s seat is on. You could also use port and starboard.:grin:

( Larry ) #3

Lke I said on XJ40 :astonished:, the handles on late cars are identical at the rear, L or R it doesn’t matter

(DarrenWayne) #4

Thanks so much for the information. I went ahead and ordered 3 handles, so I should be good for a while.

( Larry ) #5

I might have to ask you to flog me one down the road - (hopefully not though!!)

(Alan4d) #6

Many of those handles are inferior. You did well to source nay!