Which UK club to join?

Here in the UK we have the Jaguar Driver’s Club and the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. I have had my MK9 for nearly 20 years and haven’t joined either as both clubs cater for all models and I don’t have any interest in anything pre XJ6. I wouldn’t want to attend events or go in the organised holidays either, so my main interest would be the club magazines.
Which club would be the best for a hands on person like myself. ?
The Enthusiasts club originally, was formed in 1984, to cater more for people like me, but as the years go on there doesn’t seem to me much difference between the 2 of them.
Am I correct?

You are correct , best thing to do , is join one for a year , see how it goes , if your happy stay , in not try the other one !
Your be lucky if you get 2 pages in the mag , rest is adds and later stuff .

i used to belong to just about every jag club. now i don’t bother. too expensive and tired or reading about boring drives with great food.