Which XK engine?

I’m about to purchase a good condition XK120 and on inspection it was noted that the engine number (stamped near the oil filter) is 7B104748 does anybody recognise which donor type this number belongs to?

Welcome, Paul,
7B prefix would be a 3.4 Liter S-Type saloon from the late 1960s.

So according to the chart, this is a xk-120 engine?

Where is that stamping located?

Above the oil filter housing

Ok I couldn’t tell from the angle. So that’s a clean place surrounded by a lot of dirt.
Yes, the W prefix means it’s an XK120 engine block, from about early 1952.
Is there a head with it?

Maybe, It is not on the engine. I’m helping my Dad inventory parts. He has several heads in his parts but I do not know if any of them belong to this engine. I know where to look on the head for the numbers and it should match the engine if he has it.

Since you are looking at heads, while you are there collecting serial numbers from in front of the front spark plug, can you also look for numbers stamped either between plugs 3 & 4 or at the rear of the valley? These are production sequence numbers, and one of our ongoing projects on this forum is to try to understand those, which can only be done by collecting a whole lot of sightings and associate them with the serial numbers.

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Yes I can do this. It will be at least a week. My Dad’s place is an hour from me. Is there a link where I can post the info and or pics? Thanks

Post them here on this forum. Chassis and body numbers too. We’re always interested to hear about cars being rescued from oblivion.

Looks to be for a 150 “S”. It only took me 4 months to post this…

thanks for pics can we get the number right down the back of the head in the valley will be A and 3 numbers ie A412
thanks terry

Sure, It will be a day or 2.
In the third pic(really dirty) there is a “A” beside the middle spark plug holes. It’s hard to see. Is this a different “A” that you are referring to?

Just for your reference Engine number VS 1311-9 belongs to T-831277DN built Sept 1958. Your head VS1312-9 is a Straight Port and was next on the production line.

no that is just for unknown reason a figure A cast into head the number I would like is stamped in at extreme back of head.

The number is A-376, very back of head

Hello Rob, looks like you might be the man to answer my question. Do you know what the last XK120 W… engine number might be before they changed to F… thanks in anticipation. Mike

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That’s an easy one. W9999, then F1001.