'Whinning' noise after startup

Hi all,
newbie question again…learning mechanics as now own a jag! ;))

Just after start up (which can take a bit longer recently, not sure if related) there is a high pitched ‘whinning sound’ only for a sec or two…
being a newbie not sure if related to starter motor, ignition coil or maybe a belt?

any advice greatly appreciated

It could be the harmonic balancer on your car is starting to fail.

Hello Leo and welcome to the family …

First thing I would do is open the bonnet lean in over the motor and have someone start it up. Hopefully you’ll be able to localize the area the noise is coming from. That will make troubleshooting a lot easier. CAUTION … make sure you pick a friend that won’t blow the horn :grin:

As far as your car taking longer to start most of the time this is due to an aging battery. Try jumping it and see if the car starts quicker. Also before the first start of the day try turning the ignition on and off several times without going to the start position on the key. This will make sure your fuel rail is pressurized. If it starts right up that may be the problem.l

Yep check that the harmonic balancer isn’t failing by using a white out marker across the face and after a few starts check to see if they are still in relation to each other. With regard to the slower starting, try the ignition key on/off/on/off/on start, this primes the fuel rail in the event of the non return valve failing.

Thanks guys…ill investigate under hood first more then check harmonic
@Grooveman, doubt its battery as only recently changed to new, but thanks for tip on fuel rail