White smoke from back of the engine

Im tring to trace the source of the smoke coming out of the back of the engine, i see that the smoke is also coming from under the engine.
While doing that i notice that the water hose (cross pipe??) Is shrinking when i open the Throttle (see video)
Any Thoughts ?

Hello Shahar - looks like you are having excessive air intake suction on that bank, the “A” bank, as compared to the other bank, the “B” bank, through that “balance” pipe - so called as that pipe balances the air intake at idle condition - might check for blockage, such as dirty air filter - - as to the “smoke”, sounds like you may have oil dripping on to the exhaust pipes, since you did not say that the “smoke” was not present at the final exit tips of the exhaust system at the rear bumper.

Do you have white exhaust… Or is that exhaust normal color… Blown head gasket will get water into exhaust

No idea about white smoke, if the car has been sitting over night, you will get white smoke for several minutes upon starting. Lot of condensation in exhaust pipes. Could easily be exhaust leak causing the white smoke to come up around engine area.

As for your hoses shrinking on the cross pipe, that is because they are not thick enough. You can’t put simple hoses here. Either buy the Jaguar rubber ones (expensive) that are very thick, or find an aftermarket version. I bought 45 degree angle silicone air intake hoses that work fine (like used on turbos), just had to trim to fit. Lot of choices for 1" hose. It needs to be very strong, similar to what is used on AAV.

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The white smoke comes only after 10+ min’s after i start the car.
I replace the oil pressure switch and the oil pressure sender so i dont belive that there is oil leak from there…

You have to put the car on a hoist and see where exactly the oil that causes the smoke comes from Shahar.
Something drips on the exhaust.

If the smoke looks like steam, it’s probably steam. However, if it’s thick white smoke, it could be brake fluid, indicating a failure in the power brake system allowing brake fluid to get sucked into the engine.

If what you say is right, i should see the brake fluid level drop ?

I suppose if you were watching it closely, but when it happened to me the brake fluid level drop was too slight to be noticeable. The giant white cloud behind the car couldn’t be missed, though!

I don’t think its the brake fluid cuz there no smoke coming from the exhaust

From afar, I vote for steam. A bit of a water leak on to a hot exhaust or just from a leaking hose.

Oil smoke is light blue.

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The video shows that you have the OE heater valve. Looks original. Perhaps ten minutes of running is enough to build some pressure in your cooling system, and the heater valve starts to leak and drip on to the exhaust.

So I start the car and waited 15 minutes. I looked under the car and saw that the catalytic converter was boiling red and from the straight pipe behind it there was smoke.
I believe the leaks in the engine oil pan and oil from gearbox pan are causing this.
I have a kit for the gearbox and also a gasket for the oil pan. I want to replace the drain plug of the engine oil pan . I saw some universal plugs online.
Anyone know what size it is?
1988 5.3l

Stop right there, it’s not firing on a cylinder or the mixture is off.
Why do you want to replace the plug?

What do you mean ?
There is a leak from both pans ( engine and gearbox) also a leak from the pan drain plug

The red catalytic convertor is getting raw fuel and the hot matrix is burning it. As has been stated DO NOT run the engine until you have worked out which bank is not working

Fuel rail is out…
What a mess…

Remove the drain plug, heat the copper washer until it just glows red and let it cool. Reinstall and don’t overtorque. New gaskets sure.
I hope your rear main seal isn’t so leaky.

Yeah, a red cat has nothing to do with oil leaks/burning. If it was oil leaks, you’d just see a bit of blueish-white smoke until it burned off.

Red cats mean raw fuel. The smoke could be your cats being destroyed/melting. What does it smell like? You’re lucky you haven’t had a fire yet. You will probably need new ones. Is it both cats or just one side? My cats got hot when I was diagnosing running way too rich, but never red. So you obviously have some deeper issues. Have you done compression check to rule out any bad cylinders?

Once you rule compression is good, it’s either ignition or fuel. I would guess ignition since raw fuel is finding it’s way to cats. But looking at your injectors, once you fix ignition, I’ll bet you’ll have fuel problems too.

Also, assuming one or more cylinders are washing raw fuel down, I would squirt a tiny bit of Marvel Mystery Oil (1/2 teaspoon?) down your spark plug holes overnight. Because raw fuel washes away any oil protection for your piston rings. You could do this prior to a compression test.

Looks like you’ve got yourself a project car.

I’ll start by redoing the fuel rail and injectors.
The fuel lines going from the rail to the injector are crispi (thank god i sew it on time).
Next i’ll replace all spark plugs ( any suggesting for good ones?).
Theast thing is the cat convertor, hoping its in good condition cuz its the most expensive part i should replace.
Wish me luck…