White wall tire recommendations for series 1?

(JLo) #1

Can anyone recommend where to find wide whites for the stock tire size I believe 185 r15 for the early E?
Thanks in advance

(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #2

Coker has possibly the widest selection but you may need a decoder ring to make sense of some of the sizes:


(Mark Gordon) #3

I put these on a few years ago.


I think that they look good on a cream OTS.

(Les Halls 1968 S1.5 2+2 Atlanta) #4

Subject line of this posting is a trick question, right? There is no recommendation for whitewall tires on an E-type…with all deference to those on this list who have them on their car(s) of course.

(JLo) #5

Different strokes for different folks as they say. I love the look.

(Paul Wigton) #6

Thin whitewalls, yes: Gangsta wide ones?

Not so much!!!

(L.Lynn '68 OTS, '73 2+2) #7

Have to admit the wide ones look period correct though.

(Paul Wigton) #8

Ill hafta find tge pic of Tweety with huge, wide whitewalls, see if THAT tune isnt changed…:persevere:

(Mark ) #9

Yep, It works.

(L.Lynn '68 OTS, '73 2+2) #10

That looks quite nice, sorry Wiggy…

(Craig Balzer) #11

Not a Jag, but same era: a 1962 Thunderbird.

First photo – thin white walls from a few summers ago:

Second photo from 2 months ago:

Every one has an opinion. I considered the wide whitewalls for months before pulling the trigger. My situation was resolved when I attended Mecum’s Car Auction in Denver. Coker had an order-at-the-show-only special: 10% off their on-line price plus free shipping. Ordered on a Saturday; had the tires in hand Thursday.

Coker offers “insurance”: if I scuff the whitewalls or they discolor or get damaged, they replace them.

(Tom Rutherford) #12

(pic from google)
Always liked red walls. To my eye white walls & especially WIDE white wall make E-types look older. Just my 2 cents.

(Bob Faster) #13

I too liked the Red Lines… for looks. Especially on my Regency Red car. But I didnt realize how lousy my really old Michelins were until I replaced them.

(Paul Wigton) #14

That’s a T-Bird: they were MADE to be shod with gangsta whites!!

(Joe Kelly) #15

Hi guys I’m new but my 64 is almost done (opulence dark blue, Red interior dark blue top) …I have to pick the tires and found a 61 with the same color at classic that looks great with wide white walls …I have solid black on my 67 coupe(2+2)but really like the look of the white walls on the ots…any comments and where in the world can I find them ? I probably will just show the car for a season before I start driving it regularly but looking for input…2 years, will be done in February…any comments?

(Paul Wigton) #16

@JamesLove may have an idea.

(JLo) #17

Yes, these are the tires. Remember, you will need to buy new tubes for your rims. These tires technically don’t need them, but for your safety with using the wires you should run tubes in them. Check eBay link below.

(Bob K) #18

Another option: you can have wide whitewalls vulcanized onto your preferred blackwall/redwall tire. There are several threads that discuss this option and identify some shops that provide the service. I too like the wide whitewall look and may try this at some point in the future.

(phillip keeter) #19

Those wide whites look great! Took me about 10 seconds and then I was won over. I am not a big fan of the obsession that everything must be “period correct”. Trends change and so do styles.

Sidebar; is there a tire store web page that will allow someone to import a photo of that store’s various tires into a photo of a potential customers car thus providing a good idea of what a particular tire would look like on that person’s car? It so, that would be a wonderful tool to have when trying to make a decision.

(Paul Wigton) #20

I usually don’t like E Types in red: THAT is a gorgeous red!